Specialty Caulking Systems

Pioneer Contracting had its Structural Preservations beginnings in the specialty caulking segment of the construction industry. We began there and have continued to build on our expertise in the application of the right materials for the most critical and difficult construction needs.

When it comes to specialty caulking, whether it is for weather sealing of building exteriors, window perimeter joints, curtain walls or the sealing of door perimeter openings, or for fire or sanitary purposes (mildew and mold prevention), Pioneer remains the company with the expertise of application and knowledge of the newest and most appropriate products for any job.

Pioneer has been chosen time and time again for the most critical and significant projects in and around the tri-state area. Our handprint can be found on projects from the multiple sports arenas in the area to some of the world’s best medical facilities to institutions of higher leaning known all around the globe.

While there are numerous products, manufacturers and materials from which to choose, it is the actual application that can be the deciding factor in determining the integrity of the product and structure. It is Pioneer’s installation reliability and its attention to detail that separates Pioneer from all competitors.

Examples of projects in which Pioneer has been involved include:

Pioneer understands the exactness needed when working with the newer caulking products, ensuring that the proper materials are used, and that application is accomplished in the most efficient and effective way.